Josie's journey to create JoGlo By Josie began while working at global beauty leader, Estée Lauder. During a product development meeting in 2015, she discovered a natural curiosity for ingredients and how they transform skin. This can be traced back to her childhood when she suffered from hyperpigmentation due to acne. "As a teenager, not having someone to educate me on how to treat my skin or understand that daily stressors and foods are such a factor in how our skin reacts was heartbreaking. I want to make sure I cover all the basics and then treat the skin."

Today, Josie is a consummate professional who custom-tailors the perfect skincare routine for each client's individual skin needs. "Designing bespoke protocols that deliver results is the key to success. My goal is to educate my clients on how to feed and repair their skin barrier without stripping it of its natural lipids."

Josie's determination to be a leader in the industry - by working with the newest and most-effective non-invasive modalities - makes her one of New York City's most sought-out estheticians on the rise and earns the adoration of her growing client base.