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Josie's role model is her mother. From a very young age, her mother instilled in her a hard work ethic. Every Sunday morning, she'd help her set up her table at their local flea market on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where she’d sell a variety of skincare and cosmetics. At the tender age of 7, Josie was the youngest beauty sales rep in the borough. 

How could a 7-year-old understand what these products promised or how they worked?  Well her mom complexion was polar opposite of hers, which was the perfect education in understanding how and why different products and shades work on different skin tones and types. Josie knows that every person’s skin is unique, because she's seen it firsthand in my own family. 


Fast-forward 30 years later, she found herself working for one of the biggest beauty companies that had originally bonded them: Estée Lauder. And as a result of that experience, she decided to embrace her true passion that has been there all along: skincare. 


Today, Josie is a licensed esthetician who can’t wait to share her love of skincare with you. She's a testament that it’s never too late to follow your dreams, or start taking care of your skin.